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AI Governance Researcher and AI Policy Researcher

Oct 11, 2023

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Research Roles (AI Governance and AI Safety)


Although distinct, the roles of AI governance researcher and of AI policy researcher often have important overlap, which is why we present them together. Essentially, AI governance researchers and AI policy researchers investigate what it may take, governance and policy-wise, to prepare for a world with advanced AI. More specifically, an AI governance researcher is likely to focus on establishing frameworks to guide AI development, deployment, and use, to address issues such as safety and transparency. An AI policy researcher, on the other hand, is likely to delve into the legal and regulatory considerations pertaining to AI, and formulate policies and recommendations for governments and regulatory bodies. Both roles focus on researching actions and strategies that decision-makers and key actors, both within government and industry, should pursue in order to mitigate the catastrophic risk from AI.

Example tasks

  • Conduct research into the actions that influential decision-makers and key actors (e.g., companies involved in AI) should be taking .

  • Translate these findings into actionable proposals for key actors in the AI sphere (e.g., companies involved in AI, governments). This may include, for example, suggestions for licensing frameworks that mandate AI labs to obtain approval from an external entity prior to training specific types of AI systems; proposals for international AI safety agreements, policy measures to ensure proper liability rules and evaluation requirements, etc.

  • Engage with key stakeholders, such as government officials and industry representatives to communicate findings and recommendations and to ensure that AI policies are effectively implemented.

Why we think this job is impactful

There is currently a limited number of governance and policy researchers dedicated to addressing strategic issues or actively involved in AI policy work with a long-term outlook. AI governance researchers and AI policy researchers help establish comprehensive governance structures, policies, and laws to help prevent potential risks associated with AI and the advancement of AI capabilities. Through their research work and stakeholder engagement (policy-makers, government officials, key actors in the AI industry, etc.) they also help raise awareness about catastrophic risks from AI, contribute to establishing comprehensive frameworks, and shed light on overlooked yet crucial policy and governance issues.

How Successif can help

We have developed a way to assess potential candidate’s fitness for this role and collected sample interview questions that can be asked for this job. We also offer AI policy analysis and AI governance research.. If you are passionate about mitigating the risks of transformative AI systems and believe you would be a good fit for this role, apply for our career services.

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