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  • How do you pronounce Successif?
    "Successif" is pronounced as suhk-SES-if. Think of it as combining "success" with "if" at the end.
  • What exactly does Successif do?
    Successif offers a range of services including coaching, career mentoring, opportunity-matching, and training. In addition, we conduct market research to understand the most impactful jobs of tomorrow and inform our advising.
  • Do you work directly with potential employers?
    Yes, employers contact us directly and ask us to recommend candidates for certain senior roles. If you are a prospective employer, you can contact us at and we will respond within 48 hours.
  • Who can benefit from Successif's services?
    Successif's services are tailored to mid-career and senior professionals who are motivated to make a positive impact on global issues. We help professionals from a range of backgrounds and industries.
  • How is Successif different from other career services?
    Our advising service provides a tailored mix of advising and coaching to mid-career professionals. We take a holistic approach that can include training, mentoring, and opportunity-matching, among other interventions. Additionally, we work closely with each advisee through multiple sessions, providing customised guidance to help maximize their impact in high-stakes fields.
  • How does Successif assess my skills and motivation?
    We use the Ikigai framework to help you find the intersection between your passion, profession, personal mission, and vocation. We sometimes recommend online testing and assessments, but in many cases coaching and mentoring techniques are sufficient to help our participants unleash their full potential.
  • What kind of support can I expect from Successif?
    We provide resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to support you in transitioning to your chosen high-impact career. Our services can include personalized career guidance, job matching, resume and cover letter review, interview preparation, and access to a network of like-minded professionals.
  • Does it matter which cause area I want to work in?
    With our own background and areas of expertise, we are uniquely suited to support professionals interested in technical AI safety and AI governance. When they are not finding better-suited opportunities, we are also happy to help those who want to work on biorisk prevention, nuclear risk prevention, climate change, animal welfare, and global health and development.
  • How long will my career transition process take?
    The length of the transition process depends on various factors, including your current career, the industry you want to transition to, and the availability of relevant job opportunities. Generally, it can take a few months to a year to help you secure a high-impact job in your chosen field.
  • How does Successif measure its impact?
    We track the progress and impact of the professionals we support through various metrics, including job placement rates, career satisfaction, and the social and environmental impact of their work. We also collect feedback from our clients to continually improve our services.
  • Is there a fee for using Successif's services?
    No, Successif is a nonprofit organization, and our services are free of charge. Our mission is to help professionals maximize their impact regardless of their financial situation.
  • How can I apply for Successif's services?
    You can apply for our services by filling out our online application form. We will review your application and contact you for a follow-up interview to learn more about your career goals and how we can best support you.
  • Any further questions?
    Send us an email at

Are you a professional looking to maximize your impact?

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