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Maximizing Impact in High-stakes fields.

At Successif, we understand that the world is facing increasingly complex and high-stakes challenges. We believe that professionals with the right skills, experience, and motivation can make a significant positive impact by contributing their talents to these critical areas. Our mission is to create a world in which professionals motivated by evidence and reason can find high impact work. By focusing on mid-career and senior professionals, we help them leverage their expertise to address pressing global issues.

Our services:

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Market research on the impactful jobs of tomorrow

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Career mentoring

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Opportunity matching


Professional training

Core focus areas:

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Technical AI Safety and AI Governance: As artificial intelligence continues to advance, it is essential to ensure its safe and ethical development. We support professionals in contributing to AI safety research, policy-making, and governance.

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Biorisk Prevention: The threat of pandemics and biological hazards has never been more apparent. We help professionals transition into roles that focus on preventing and mitigating these risks.

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Nuclear Risk Prevention: Nuclear weapons have the potential to kill hundreds of millions of people directly, and billions due to subsequent effects on agriculture.Our work includes helping professionals contribute to nuclear disarmament, nonproliferation, and safety initiatives.

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Climate Change: Climate change is threatening our planet, other animal species, and ourselves. In addition, there could be 1.2 billion climate refugees by 2050. These displacements will increase poverty rates and nuclear war risks. We assist professionals in transitioning to careers that focus on climate change mitigation, adaptation, and policy.

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Animal Welfare: Each year, 50 billion animals are raised and slaughtered in factory farms. Most experience extreme levels of suffering. In addition, 99% of animals on Earth live in the wild and experience suffering from anthropogenic causes, starvation, diseases, etc.  We help professionals transition to careers that advocate for and improve the welfare of animals.

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Global Health and Development: 648 million people in the world live in extreme poverty, with less than US$2.15 per day. Addressing global health disparities and poverty are crucial for creating a better future. We support professionals in finding impactful roles in these areas.

Are you a professional looking to maximize your impact?

Apply for our services and join us in creating a better future.

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