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Advising process

  1. Fill out our application form.

  2. We'll let you know whether your application was successful within one month.

  3. If successful, we'll onboard you onto the next advising cohort, which will start in at most two months.

  4. You'll be invited to collaborative sessions with your peers to learn more about and discuss your chosen cause areas, your best-fit roles, and how to maximize your impact.

  5. Then you'll receive individual advising sessions with one of our expert advisors, tailored to your needs and preferences. Our interventions to help you switch career may include coaching and mentorship, suggesting resources, providing you with training, introducing you to companies or other professionals, and more.

  6. The advising process length is variable based on each person’s circumstances.

  7. After your final advising session, we'll check in with you on the progress of your career for up to a year.

Apply for our services and join us in creating a better future.


Our tailored approach involves the following steps:

  1. Assessing Skills and Motivation: We work closely with professionals to identify their Ikigai, the intersection of what they love, what the world needs, what they are good at, and what opportunities exist.

  2. Career Guidance and Support: We provide comprehensive resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to support professionals in transitioning to their chosen high-impact careers.

  3. Building Connections: We connect professionals with relevant peers, mentors, and  organizations to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

  4. Tracking Impact: We monitor the progress and impact of the professionals we support, refining our approach based on evidence and feedback.

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