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Product Manager

Oct 11, 2023

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Organizational and “Meta” Roles


The Product Manager often bridges the gap between the technical team and other stakeholders. They are responsible for guiding the development of AI products. Their tasks usually include identifying customer needs, defining product requirements, and working with cross-functional teams to create and improve the organization’s products and/or services.

Example tasks

  • Oversee product needs, from development to release.

  • Continuously assess program risks and mitigation plans.

  • Track critical metrics (key performance indicators).

  • Gather data, create product roadmaps, and prioritize launches.

  • Keep up to date with market and industry trends and competitors.

  • Ensure cohesive collaboration between cross-functional teams.

Why we think this job is impactful

The Product Manager is an important role as it is a key position in consolidating and streamlining a safe product deployment lifecycle. An individual holding this position often has the remit to prioritize safety and ethics as targeted properties of the products they develop. They also help develop a framework for documenting system safety, which may include metrics, evaluations, and progress tracking. In turn, this contributes to ensuring transparency and accountability pertaining to a specific AI product and services. Furthermore, the Product Manager may be responsible for conducting risk assessments and defining risk mitigation strategies, and is closely involved in the product’s development and deployment phases. We expect this role to be impactful in both large organizations and small but promising AI organizations and in well-funded AI startups, given the potential that one may have in steering their trajectory and in helping them leverage their impact on AI catastrophic risk mitigation.

How Successif can help

We have developed a way to assess potential candidate’s fitness for this role and collected sample interview questions that can be asked for this job. If you are passionate about mitigating the risks of transformative AI systems and believe you would be a good fit for this role, apply for our career services.

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