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Neil Ferro

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Career Mentor

Neil Ferro is based in Sydney and was part of the senior leadership team at Foxtel (largest Australian media company) for 8 years and successfully led various teams. He was chairperson and main organizer for the EA Sydney Community (FB group over 1200 members) for 3.5 years and brought on 45 keynote speakers for EAGX Australia 2019. Neil is currently cofounder and CEO of High Impact Recruitment (HIRe) which aims to be a trusted hiring arm for the Effective Altruism community. HIRe supports young projects and growing organizations in their recruiting activities by sourcing, vetting, and matching talent to a variety of roles – with a focus on longtermist projects. Neil has had experience coaching and mentoring as chairperson for EA Sydney, leading a team at Foxtel, with HIRe and as Youth Mentor for a Settlement Services International.

Neil is inspired most by unlocking people’s potential and helping them find the most fulfilling and impactful career paths through coaching and mentoring as well as partnering with organizations to find the best candidates.

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